Hey, Nike! I got a question!

Why did my foot stop hurting when I stopped running in my expensive running shoes?

My plantar fasciitis seems to be about 90% normal.  To what do I owe this miracle of healing? I think it was the barefoot/minimalist shoe running I’ve been doing.  That  made my whole foot work to support my running body, not just my heels.  However when I went long on Sunday, I wore my old (new) heel-banger Nikes and just made sure I landed on my forefoot and midsole as much as possible.  I knew my feet would hurt regardless of what I wore, but thought the padding in the Nikes would help.  It didn’t.  My foot hurt about the same amount as last week when I went long with my Wal-Mart specials.  The really hard thing to understand is that when I wear my Nikes to work (in an office) my foot hurts all day, but when I wear my 5-year-old steel-toed 4 lb Chippewa Engineer’s boots (motorcycle boots) I have essentially no pain at all.

The most comfortable shoes ever?

More diet opinions.  I  think cabbage is a wonder-food.  I love the stuff. Everywhere I would eat bread or pasta, I eat cabbage.  Sliced into rafts, drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with black pepper and microwaved it can be the base for all kinds of good eats.   I’ll eat it instead of rice with Chinese food or top it with Red Beans (instead of Red Beans and rice). You can steam the outer leaves and use them as wraps for burritos etc. to avoid  heavy tortillas.  You can also make sandwich wraps with them or roll Italian beef up inside of one with Gardiniera.  Cabbage is loaded with vitamins and fiber. And (this one is for my daughter) ANTIOXIDANTS. And it helps your body clear itself of TOXINS.  Go over to the Science Based Medicine website for opinions on those two subjects by people far more qualified than I!

I have fought my weight my whole life and Cabbage seems to fill a need in my appetite/soul that could previously only be filled by bread, rice, potatoes, or pasta. Which I’m convinced have been conspiring against me all these years to keep me soft and fat.  And although correlation is not the same as causation, my results are indisputable.  Since I cut out bread, pasta, rice, and obvious extra sugar sources 5 weeks ago, I’ve lost 14 lbs.  Of course eliminating those items meant eliminating footlong subs, pizza, HUGE piles of spaghetti, M&Ms, cake, ice cream, etc. etc.  I have eaten these things once or twice  in the last 5 weeks (except the candy-I’ve been positively celibate) but I’ve treated myself a couple times to ice cream.  I’ve never been a big soda pop drinker, so that wasn’t much of a sacrifice.  I think staying away from a lot of carbs helps your blood sugar stay more level.  Without the big spikes and drops in blood sugar it’s much easier to moderate your intake.

When you ARE being conspired against, it’s NOT paranoia!