Riding that Skeleton Horse to the Gates of Hell

Monday evening I got all puffed up with pride that I ran 10K on Sunday and remembered that the day after the long run was an important day from a workout standpoint.  A nice, easy, short run was in order to warm and loosen up my tired muscles and help purge any remaining lactic acid from my legs to facilitate rapid healing. It was getting late and I didn’t feel up to wrangling the dogs on the short bike path I frequent in town, so I packed up my bag and went to the Y.  As I was driving, I started getting this funny feeling deep down in psyche.  I checked in at the front desk and proceeded to the locker room where I changed into my running togs and my minimalist  cheap shoes…again the vague nagging feeling. I intended a gentle trot on a treadmill in the “Wellness Center” but had to pass through the “Fitness Center” on the way.  One look at the 1/10 mile indoor clay track of the Fitness Center and that vague unease  turned into a demon cobra. Gnawing and writhing through my self-control. And the only way I could wrassle it into submission was: Speed Intervals!

Demon Cobra for Speed Intervals

I was doing pretty well until my second set of sprints when I felt the sharp pain of “oops” in my right foot.  I had aggravated that damn fasciitis again!  NOW I slowed down! NOW I did stretches with a nice long cool-down. NOW I limped off to the steam room.  I said at the beginning of my blog that I’d probably be my own worst enemy and here was the white-hot pain to prove it.  The limping and gimping around the house was fodder for my 18-year old’s hoots of derision.  My wife gave me looks of disdain.  I iced it, I rubbed it, I used all manners of incantation.  At one point I even invoked a deity! (JeeezuzChrist that hurts!)  I thought for sure I did some real damage.

But then an idea struck! Wrap it up in a bandage.  You see it in the NFL all the time.  And all those cool athletes in the Olympics always had various parts of their bodies taped up (for no obvious reason).  I could have gotten this stuff for 10 bucks

But instead I got this stuff for $.99

It’s made for horses!

It is a fabulous product for taping up feet!  It is made to tape up horse ankles I guess, and it REALLY HELPED  the pain in my foot.  It doesn’t lose it’s “stretch”, so it applies consistent pressure to reduce inflammation and swelling.  It’s tough, applies easily, tears off the roll easily, stays on your foot, no matter what, doesn’t stick to skin or hair, and is utterly impervious to water, sweat, and foot stink!


Here’s my nasty foot minus the nasty, brown blister on my big toe.

I have taken the week off from running, hoping to get this heel problem under control.  Poor time management and shortening daylight hours have made biking impractical during the week, but I’ll be out there for a long ride Saturday.  I should be able to get some nice pix way out in the country.  You know, where the deer and the antelope play.

Maybe I’ll try the Pumpkinfest 10K  route Sunday…And take it easy on the intervals until I’ve lost another 20 lbs. See you on the road!