If You Run More, You Run More.

Newton’s first law of motion would be more concise: When no force is applied, a body in motion will stay in motion and a body at rest will stay at rest.

APPLY SOME FORCE: Keep a running log.

I use little 2-year calendars.  A note each day about your workout or non-workout. I started running in 1994, but didn’t keep a log until 2002. The act of making a mark on a calendar solidifies your run into a thing.  And you own things. Now you own your run.

I went further than just putting an “x” on a calendar.  I tracked distance ran, times, pace, weather. I was so anal about it for a number of years I added up my weekly, monthly, and yearly mileage apparently just to amaze myself.  In 2002 I ran 711 miles. In 2003: 814. There are other notes in there as well that amuse and bemuse me.  I had some kind of secret code with myself that has long since evaporated from my mind. August 28, 2004: “ZM9” What was that? I even highlighted it with a marker.  I did it again on September 25, so it must have been a good time! I noted other events, too.  Buying a new stove and dying my hair purple both were significant enough to make it into my log.  Other information to be gleaned is what my state of mind was and how that affected my running.  When my father died, I didn’t run for weeks and that initiated a ramp-up and a branch-out to triathlons.

The inescapable conclusion after an examination of 10 years of running logs is this: I ran more when I ran more.

Proof that you’re a runner!