About…No pressure! I am a man that lost weight and started running for fun at the age of 35 and continued to run, bike and swim all the way to my crowning athletic achievement of a 1/2 Iron distance Triathlon at the age of 50 when the damnedest thing happened:  I crashed and burned.  I rested on my laurels. I stopped seeking excellence. Gluttony! Sloth! Envy! O the humanity! I was medicated and I self-medicated, started watching more TV, and ate my way through the gamut of flavors from Blue Bunny .  Then I got laid off from my job of 13 years.  Seemingly overnight I became what I used to sneer at. From Triathlete to unemployed, middle aged, overweight depressive alcoholic in just 2 years.  What the hell happened?

I had a choice: Zaprolazacomirtazazoloftatriptofanopine or run.

Time to tighten my laces.

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