Pumpkin Run 10K race report

The 2013 Pumpkinfest Pumpkin Run is in the books! My third attempt at getting back into age-group running was a success. I failed to show at the 2012 P-fest, and I failed to show at the Holidayman Triathlon back in Aug. (Gimme a break, I had a medical emergency!) This race was the first competition I participated in since 2010 and I couldn’t be happier.
I had a goal of finishing in under an hour, and I’m happy to say I finished in 57:16. YAY!
It was a gorgeous fall morning with bright sun and a definite chill. I’ve run this race many times before and it just keeps getting bigger every year. Out of the 1650 people running, I managed to keep 900 of them behind me, finishing in 750th place. I hope the little girl that finished 751st is OK after I pushed her out of my way gave her encouragement as we raced to the finish line!
In my age group, I was 54th out of a total of 89 men 50-54 years old. I compared a few of my times from previous years and although my overall pace has gotten slower, so has the pace of my age group, so I still occupy the same position in the pack. I guess that’s good???
They used a chip timing system that has the RFID chip embedded on the back of the race number you wear. I started running in the stone age when they would give you a numbered popsicle stick at the finish line and you went to the official timer to turn it in and get your time. Of course, time itself seemed to run slower back then.  That’s kind of a Zen thought.

I was so full of pride and hubris that I decided to run the 2013 Gobbler Hobbler in Oswego two weeks later! Another cold, sunshiny day, but the difference was that I brought my favorite running partner with me.


Although I look like I’m in pain, please enjoy the almost bored look on Riker’s face.  Next year I’ll put the race number on him and see how well he does.

I’ve pretty pleased with my progress this summer and now the challenge will be to continue my progress through the off season so I can do a couple tri’s next summer.  Time to get in the pool. Ugh.

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