The reason I LOG my runs.

What rolls down stairs?

Alone or in pairs?

Runs over your neighbor’s dog?

It fits on your back,

but not good for a snack,

It’s LOG…LOG…LOG!!!!

When I was learning and earning my pilot’s license I remembered that it is NOT necessary to carry your flight log in the airplane with you by imagining the flight log as a wooden log…I wouldn’t dump a heavy log in in the back seat of my Cessna, now would I?

However, I recommend the use of a running log, and here’s a dandy example of why.

The last time I ran consistently was 2010 (also the last time I participated in any races.)  My lack of motivation really showed itself in 2012.  The first half of the year I didn’t log any runs worth mentioning.  During my Spring physical I discovered my weight had ballooned to …are you ready for this?….243 lbs.   Holy Crap!   In June I started to run again but was such a fat-ass so overweight and out of shape that I could barely do a mile at at a time.  I logged 24 miles that month. My running log shows 164 miles for the entire year of  ’12 with peak months being September and December.  2013 has been a different story! My weight has dropped to 215 which made it easier to be more active.  After a slow start in the winter, I’ve logged almost 405 miles this year. (I still have 30 lbs to go)

The running log has provided written, concrete evidence of my fitness successes and failures.  What works (running) and what doesn’t (not running).  I’m starting a more detailed log also to record other workouts, weight, etc.  I have a new goal in mind for 2014 and I want to get the most basic motivational tools in place to help me along. (Us old guys need all the help we can get)

You may remember from my last post I FAILED MISERABLY to even start, let alone finish the HolidaYman Super Sprint Triathlon in Lake Holiday.  I took a week’s rest after the Rhino-Rocket incident and I visited our friendly local ENT specialist, who cauterized the inside of my nose with a cheery attitude and a disturbing German accent.  After I had what amounted to 2 weeks off, though, it was not as difficult to get the running habit ingrained in my brain again as it was in 2012.

Losing a little weight has made it much easier to run.  So has a decent pair of running shoes.

NewshoesNike Run 2013.

I had been running in Nike AirMax something or others.  They had way too much heel and I believe contributed to the re-emergence of my plantar fasciitis.

These have low heels and lots of padding in the forefoot.  Nice roomy toe box, too.  Smooth ride.  I love ’em.  If I could figure out how to add a link to another page, you could read my blog post on an earlier attempt at minimalist running gear. “Time Wounds All Heels”.

I  entered the 2013 Sycamore Pumpkin run 10K AGAIN scheduled on Oct. 27th.  The last time I ran it was 2010.  I signed up for it last year, but was too fat, lazy, and unprepared    undertrained for the the race  but got a spiffy technical long-sleeved T!  I really want my finish time to be under 1 hour but I ran the route last week and it took me 1:07.  At least I could do it and still walk afterwords.   In years past this race has been an afterthought after all the triathlons and other long distance events I participated in.  After the HolidaYman debacle I think I owe it to myself to be prepared for this one! Who knows, maybe I’ll get all crazy and do the Canal Connection down in Utica this year, too!

Keep your head up and  land on your feet!

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