Spring at last!

This weekend the temperature here in frigid Northern Illinois got above 40 degrees and we had some actual sun for a change so I think it’s time for a running update and get this running season started right!

March was a tough month for me to stay motivated.  I lost my second job in as many years.  After 25 years of continuous employment this Brave New World is dishing out some b.s. I’m not very excited about dealing with.  In an effort to put lipstick on the unemployment pig I vowed to run every day that was practical and not wallow in self-pity!  So, “How did you do?” you may ask!

Short answer: GREAT.

Long answer: see below

I have had some help with motivation from an unexpected area.  The kids got me an iPod for Christmas (welcome to the 21st century, Dad!) loaded with a program called Nike+. When I plug it into my laptop, magic happens and my run data automatically downloads to the Nike website and they show you a bunch of charts and graphs showing your mileage and pace, etc.  I used to track all of that with a watch and my little 2-year calendar, but modern technology has made time-distance calculations so last century. When I ran without music, I would track my pace as I ran.  It gave me something to think about besides food and failure to be able to calculate my pace in my head was a good indicator that I was pretty tired.

I got to the Y frequently and managed to run 21 days out of 31 both outside with the dogs and at the Y on the track.  A total of 64.4 miles went under my feet.  I have not run that many miles per month since July 2010 when I ran 83.5.  That was also the last month I ran regularly at all, choosing instead to rest on my laurels (and ever-expanding posterior) for the last 3 years.

Long runs notwithstanding,  I remain fat.  Wait…I promised myself not to use self-defeating language on my blog.  This is supposed to be a positive experience for me, not a journal of self-deprecation!  I have been trying for a year to get myself motivated to do daily running and I’ve certainly made great strides (pun) towards that goal. This time last year I was weighing in at 243 lbs, and I’m down to 218.  Still 18 lbs above my short-term goal, but last year when I was trying to run I was so doped up on anti-depressants that all I could think about was the couch at the end of the universe.

I started this post many weeks ago and I think It’s high time I post it to the internet

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