Thumpety Thump-Thump

We have been dog-sitting a “nephew” dog for a couple of weeks, raising our home dog population to 4.  If you’ve ever had 4 dogs in your home you know the kind of chaos they can create.  8 eyes ever vigilant to the passing pedestrian and 4 voices ready to warn at top volume of such neighborhood normalcy.  Oddly, they all completely missed the prowler I found hiding under my pickup one evening.  (Yes, a real human laying under my truck.  That will be a blog entry unto itself!   They are much more well behaved when you get them out for a run or walk every day or two to let them work off some energy

2013-02-03_13-37-40_797So we all went to the Illinois-Michigan Canal down in Utica for a 5 mile hike in the snow and ice. The dogs had a great time and although the trail was covered in snow-mobile tracks, we saw nary a one.  I’m still not smart enough to put captions on my pictures, so L to R: Kipper, Boo Radley, Izzy, Riker!

You see, this is why I live in Illinois.  The year-round summer-like weather.2013-03-02_14-04-27_2502013-03-02_14-59-41_820

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