No loss of Enthusiasm!

After a couple weeks  months of abject laziness therapeutic inactivity  I finally got over to the Y for a couple miles on the  track last week.  Since I last posted in October, I officially gave up trying to get the tendonitis in my heel by continuing to aggravate it.

I was considering getting a pair of the Vibram 5-Fingers but a friend of mine told me that 3 out of 3 of his friends that bought them ended up with stress fractures in their feet from ramping up mileage too quickly.  I could just run barefoot because the discomfort of THAT would prevent me from running too far too fast.  But…. and this is a BIG but…I HATE going barefoot.  Anywhere. Except  the beach. No, even the beach.  The sand gets too hot.I don’t even like walking across the kitchen floor barefoot.  And after 54 years of being cradled in comfy, protective shoes my feet are not likely to respond to being beaten up very well,  so it’s more miles in my Nikes.  I still think they are too soft.  The kind I really liked are Nike Reax.  It is a model that Nike sells only through Kohl’s I think.

Thank you all, for tuning in to read about my feet.  I had my longest week last week (11.6 miles) since 2011.  I have come to the conclusion that thinking about running, writing about running, and reading about running has not had the same effect on my waistline as actual running.

I also read this gem.

Answering such burning questions like ” Is it normal for my dog to chase his tail?”  After reading that article/slideshow, anyone will find reading about my feet utterly compelling.

3 thoughts on “No loss of Enthusiasm!

  1. Great Stuff Ken. Keep on trucking brother. Personally, I adopted a vegan diet three weeks ago and feel great. I started this after reading the book, Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Currently, I’m reading a book called Ultra Man by Rich Roll. It’s about a 40 year old atty. who was 50 lbs overweight and then went vegan. Felt great so he decided to compete in ultra triathlons (6 mile swim, 260 mile bike and 52.4 mile run). The race took place over three days and he was leading the race after the first day by posting the third fastest swim on record for six miles in the ocean. Eventually, he came in 11th overall. YouTube his name and check him out. He’s a modern day hero to middle aged frustrated athletes like us.

  2. I’ll look it up this evening. I talked to a guy a few years ago that did ultra-marathons and I thought he was a nut. I haven’t heard of ultra tris. Right now I’m just happy getting out of bed before the alarm in time to run a couple miles! Thanks for looking in, too!

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