You don’t get what you pay for.

” A word to the wise ain’t necessary…It’s the stupid ones that need advice.”  Bill Cosby

My college-age daughter expressed an interest in running the Sycamore Pumpkinfest 10K this year, and I proceeded to give her some advice on getting to that level quickly.

What is real value of advice?  Last winter I told my doctor (a marathon runner) of my goal to reclaim my athletic lifestyle.  He warned me about taking on too much too quickly.  He said starting running at my weight could incur injury, and the last thing I wanted was to frustrate myself by becoming injured so I couldn’t run.  What he didn’t know was that I was Kenny King: CYBORG. My legs were so strong after many years of biking and running that they would quickly adapt and actually become stronger than ever before.  I had 15+ years of experience as a runner and triathlete to back up my efforts. I know how to “listen to my body”. So I ran.  240 lbs on a 5’8″ frame takes a lot of energy to move down the path.  What was required to improve my endurance?  More running.  I don’t know how many times I hobbled/limped across the family room in the evening, suffering the jeers and sarcasm of my children about my age/weight/abdominal protrusion before I finally “listened to my body”.  It took me weeks to realize that the plantar fasciitis I have been plagued with qualifies as an injury. I mean it really hurts.

So I paid a very educated man a lot of money that I  chose because of his special knowledge of my individual goals for his best professional advice and promptly ignored it with the predicted result.

So to Jessica: Go running every day, listen to your body, read all you can about running, get some good shoes and a stick of Body-Glide.  But I don’t think you need my advice.

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