Thank You, Winston.

Woodrow Wilson said: “If you want to make enemies, try and change something.”

I think about the purposeful and unintentional changes we  make as a result of living.  Many profound changes I have purposefully made to my life have enhanced my quality of living: I got married; I had children; I quit smoking.  A few changes were unintentional and also enhanced my QOL factor: I got laid off (This happened twice and both times I ended up happier and in better financial shape than previously); I started running (When I started, my only goal was to elevate my heart rate for 20 minutes).  It’s the unintentional changes that lower your QOL factor that nail you. Mostly, they are not even noticed in time to nip them: I drank too much, ate too much, spent too much time on the couch.  So where is the “free will” in all this?  I want to be a runner, not a couchsurfer. Why doesn’t the 7 lbs of jelly between my ears work in a manner that is consistently beneficial to me? Hell, to IT?  Why do I want to return to athleticism, but I also want a huge bowl of cake and ice cream while watching the new season on TNT?  WTF is going on up there? Does my brain not know who’s in charge? The same brain that sends signals to my feet to run  also sends signals to my hand to reach for the Hershey’s syrup like some sort of Choco-zombie. It doesn’t know the two are incompatible?

The new goal is to purposefully change which voice in my head is going to be in charge.

I’ll probably be my own worst enemy.

My wife paraphrased Winston Churchill about my blog: “Never before have so many with so little to say said so much to so few.”

To wit: My Paleo breakfast.  Ham, locally grown onion, tomato and peppers from my garden, local duck eggs.

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